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About Us

Our tuteme team is made up of passionate, dedicated technology and education consultants. Think of us as a hybrid team, bringing together the best of both worlds. We created tuteme as a way to transform traditional tutoring in the Middle East, and provide an easy-to-access option of live one-to-one tutoring. The result is an unrivalled learning experience using the most advanced digital whiteboard and online classrooms. By hosting talented tutors and progressive students on our platform, we’ve created a learning environment with the sole objective of enhancing the capacity of academia in the Middle East, and providing education for those who want it.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the traditional learning environment, and put the power of education into the hands of both students and tutors, by creating a space where people are empowered to learn at their own pace, and at times that suit them.


Our Goal

Our goal is to create an online education portal that removes the individual barriers to learning, that enhances the capacity of academia and is recognised as the leading option for personal learning in the Middle East.